HIST 405B - Medieval Europe 001


Major institutions and trends in Europe from the breakup of the Roman World to the 14th century, including the history of the Crusades.

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This course examines the concept of holy war and its consequences in medieval and early modern Christian and Muslim lands.  The main area of study will be the Latin Christian conquest and settlement of the eastern Mediterranean littoral, but we will also explore the role of crusade and jihad as political tools within Christendom and the Dar al-Islam.  The course will begin with a brief survey of the development of the concept of holy war within early medieval Christianity and Islam.  This will be followed by an in-depth analysis of the First Crusade and an overview of the evolution of the practice of crusade and jihad.  In the final week of the course we will critique how depictions of pre-modern holy war have been used in modern political and popular culture. 

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