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Modern Languages 314

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This course explores the formation of modern East Asian nations and of the idea of East Asia itself in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It examines the interrelated histories of China, Japan, and Korea and the forces that forged modernity in East Asia: wars, colonialism, imperialism, Cold War geopolitics, nationalism and socialism. The course presents an overview of large historical processes, but introduces different perspectives by looking at how individuals narrated their experiences in memoirs, diaries, short stories, novels, and films. 

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At the end of this course, I hope (and expect) you will have gained a general understanding of the modern history of East Asia. And the stress here is on “general.” While we will cover a myriad of names and dates in the class, the emphasis is on the common trends that connect China, Japan and Korea to each other and to the rest of the modern world. The first goal of this course is to understand the historical origins of problems that continue to impact East Asia today; another goal is to introduce a wider comparative framework for the analysis of national histories.  

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