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This summer, you can unlock a whole new method of schooling with History iCourses! Normal undergrads now have the opportunity to enroll in on-the-go classes built on self-scheduled learning. These courses range from 5 to 7 weeks and supply 3 credits each. Summer enrollment through UAccess opens on March 26, but you can start investigating classes today!

Pre-Summer Session (May 14- June 2)

Summer Session I

     7 Week 1 (May 14- June 29)

​     5 Week 1 (June 4- July 5)

Summer Session II

     7 Week 2 (July 2- August 17)

     5 Week 2 (July 9- August 8)


FALL 2018

We're back at it again with the normal semester beginning in August. Make sure you register for your necessary classes before its too late!

Fall Session (August 20- December 5)




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