Sanjay Subrahmayan, "Desperately Seeking Shahjahan: French Overseas Expansion and Mughal India"


Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 4:30pm

September 18 4:30 – UA Art Museum, Retablo Room

Free Admission - All Welcome
In the 1520s, at much the same time that the Timurid conqueror Babur was preparing the conquest of northern India, a Franco-Italian expedition backed by the celebrated Verrazano brothers was about to launch itself into the Indian Ocean. But it was not until a century later, during the reigns of the Mughal emperors Jahangir and Shahjahan, that the French attempt to enter the India trade against Portuguese, Dutch and English competition paid off. What kept the French so long? What was peculiar about the their way of going about it? And were the French really French? The lecture addresses these and other questions of inter-imperial rivalry in the early modern period.
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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