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The Nahuatl Language Project (NLP) is an interdisciplinary endeavor at the University of Arizona. The organization's aim is to promote the learning of the Nahuatl language and Nahua history and culture in a collaborative and collective manner.


Basic Nahuatl Course Information:

The NLP offers a free “Basic Nahuatl Course” in which students are exposed to fundamental concepts of Classical (used during Mexico’s colonial period) and Modern (used contemporarily) Nahuatl.


For more information contact Edward at: or check back for updated information. The Basic Nahuatl Course is open to anyone.


About the NLP

The NLP offers its members workshops and support in grant writing for language courses and other related funding. The NLP also links its members to intensive language summer programs in the US and Mexico.



Students Successfully Completed the Fall, 2017 Early Modern Nahuatl I Workshop

Seven Students Successfully Completed the Workshop for Colonial Nahuatl I



Check out Nahuatl Naman, an application for Android Devices



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