HIST 214B - Modern Europe: 1789 to the Present 001




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TR 2:00-3:15PM

Harvill 319

In in the past two centuries, our world has been shaped by European industrialization, revolutionary movements, nationbuilding, empirebuilding, depression and war, provoking ongoing political, social and cultural challenges and struggles.  Europeans’ working lives, gender, class and race relations, cultural practices and expectations have altered repeatedly.  Europe’s transformation occurred not only due to impersonal forces beyond human control, but because people took action to shape their world, influencing the course of history.  The forces they set in motion continue to mark world events, for good or ill, to this day.  In this course we will examine these events and forces in their historical context, ever mindful of their present-day impacts.


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  • mastery of major events and processes;
  • improved writing skills;
  • exposure to and ability to analyze and contextualize primary source materials;
  • improved analytical skills; and
  • the ability to approach textual materials with critical detachment.


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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