David Graizbord Speaks at a Brown-Bag Event at the Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture


Friday, September 23, 2011 - 12:00pm

"From Judaism to Anti-Judaism": The Case of abraham Serfatim in its Context."

David Graizbord of the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies presents his impressions regarding a seventeenth-century Sephardi merchant who converted to Catholicism and became an anti-Jewish arch-polemicist. The study is the result of research conducted in Lisbon this summer for a chapter for a forthcoming volume on the "racialization" of early modern Iberian cultures (eds. Ma. Elena Martinez and David Nirenberg). This work will become part of a larger, longitudinal study by Prof. Graizbord on the phenomenon of Jews who renounce the Jewish people and become its avowed enemies.

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